Frequently asked questions

Review some helpful answers about clinical trials.

What’s the purpose of this clinical trial?

The purpose of this clinical trial is to determine how well enzalutamide (the trial medication) may slow the disease progression of prostate cancer in men, as compared to standard treatments.

If I am enrolled into this study, what will I need to do?

If you are enrolled, you will be asked to:

  • Take your trial medication orally once a day
  • Take an injection of prostate cancer medication to lower testosterone levels
  • Visit the trial doctor’s office every few months thereafter while you are taking the trial medication
  • Be closely monitored during trial participation with commonly used radiographic imaging every 4 to 6 months
  • Talk to your doctor, at each visit, about whether the trial medication is working and whether you have any side effects
  • Continue to receive care from your current medical team

Where are the trial centers located?

There are trial centers located all over the United States. Once your eligibility is confirmed, we will match you with a trial center that is closest to you.

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